On this page we have placed information about our partners - masters, whose works are presented in the section "Shop". All of them are very individual and creative in various kinds of handmade. But all the masters are united by the love of lavender, which gathered everyone on this site.

Elena’s Soap

Handmade Natural Soap

To make this handmade soap I do not use a soap base, it is 100% natural and useful for your skin. Besides the basic condition (invariably natural ingredients) creativity is equally important. Its shape has to be comfortable and original.  Try it and you will enjoy the excellent quality and effectiveness of this magical soap!

Natalya Apa

Home Decor

Machine embroidery products. Making textile dolls for interior and for games. Perfect gift for any case and an elegant interior decoration.

DeMa – Georgian Organic Soap

Handmade Organic Soap

Organic handmade soap made on basis of natural animal and vegetable fats, essential oils, herbs, sodium hydroxide. For color are used vegetable dyes, does not contain artificial additives and preservatives.

Natural Soaps – NT Soap

Natural cosmetics

Founder of “Natural Soaps – NT Soap”: “Making natural cosmetics for me is an interesting and creative process. Professional pharmaceutical experience, knowledge of technology and chemical processes is my reliable support”.