Magic of Lavender Color

Each color and shade has its own meaning and characteristics. Our favorite color, lavender, is not an exception. Although, to be precise, lavender is one of the shades of violet. And though it is referred to the cold palette, we know how warm this color is.

If you prefer lavender color and choose it more often than other colors, this says a lot about you. Lavender is the color of dreamers, poets and creative natures. It helps create a magical world in which all unpleasant memories are gone and there is a place only for tranquility and pacification. “Lavender people”, as creative natures, are inclined to deep feelings and are sensitive to the injustice of the world around them. “This is the color of those in whose inner world there is neither deception nor cruelty. In the lavender world, everything is wonderful and delicate, everything is amazing and magical. “(quote from Valeria Lavrova’s article)

So if you have such people near you, love and cherish them and sometimes please them with something lavender. We’ll be happy to help you with that.

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